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Foods High In Vitamin D

Foods High In Vitamin D

Foods High In Vitamin D
Foods High In Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important for our body so that it is able for perfectly absorbing the calcium as well as for cell growth control, bone development, for immunity, neuromuscular function, and also for inflammation’s alleviation. So as you read above, vitamin D is so vital for human body and that is why to get as much as our body needs will be so much important too. Easiest thing to get the vitamin is from the foods which we consume. And to help you getting the amount of vitamin D needed, here is the list of foods which are rich with vitamin D.

1. Fish

There are various types of fish which are rich with vitamin D and if you even want to get the abundant vitamin D, generally fresh fish has more amount of vitamin D compared to the one which is cooked. That’s why Japanese people really like sushi since it is healthy. Raw fish is better than canned one, but if getting raw fish is hard, then the canned one is okay, but the content of vitamin D is also not as high as the raw one.

2. Caviar

This is the general ingredient used in sushi. And actually is more awesome rather than just ingredient. Consuming caviar will be able to “inject” your body with abundant amount of vitamin D that your body needs.

3. Eggs

Of course egg is one of those foods which contain complete vitamins and minerals including vitamin D. Not only vitamin D, but eggs are also the vital source of vitamin B12.

4. Mushrooms

Yes, the last foods with high vitamin D content are mushrooms. Besides high in vitamin D, mushrooms also provide vitamin B5 and copper which are also important for our body. So, go get those foods and be healthy.