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What Is Greek Yogurt

What is Greek Yogurt Made Of

What is Greek Yogurt

What Is Greek Yogurt ?

Yogurt is good since it has at least 10 benefits for our body and consuming it will be such a way to go for us. Yogurt is able to give us the flat abs, which is of course a good thing for you who want to be free from obesity, then yogurt is a way to go for sure. Yogurt is also the ultimate source of loads of vitamins. So, in short, yogurt is really good for our body. And talking about yogurt, there are various types of yogurt and one of them which is so happening is the Greek yogurt. So, what is the difference of this Greek yogurt compared to the others? Let’s find out together.

Let’s just see it from the contents of these things:


Greek yogurt is a smart choice for people who take low carb diet since it only contains half of the regular kinds of yogurt have. So, if you are in the middle or are going to have a low carb diet, Greek yogurt will be your smart choice for you for sure. If the regular kind of yogurt has 13-17 gram per serving, Greek yogurt only has 5-8, see?


Well, this time Greek yogurt is not that good if we talk about the content of fat since it is full of fat. This is not a good thing for you who must avoid large amount of fat. So if you have heart disease or something similar, then Greek yogurt is not a wise choice for you. 


Greek yogurt has half of sodium content compared to regular types of yogurt. This will be a benefit for you who have the low sodium diet since too much salt could cause heart problem since it is able to boost up the blood pressure. 

So, the choice is yours after all. But of course everything has pros and cons including this Greek yogurt.