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Why Is Greek Yogurt Better For You

what is greek yogurt
Why Is Greek Yogurt Better For You

If you like consuming yogurt, Greek yogurt is the best option if you are looking for the healthiest one. Greek yogurt or also known as yogurt cheese is a protein loaded snack that can satisfy like a mini-meal. Greek yogurt is heavier in the texture than other kinds of yogurt. It is healthier because Greek yogurts are made without added sugars. So, do you know other reasons why is Greek yogurt better for you?

Greek yogurt is made through straining water, milk and whey from yogurt until it reaches a thick, dense texture. It contains 20 grams of protein per 1-cup serving, which makes it so rich satisfy your hunger and lasts longer in your stomach. It is minimally processed so that it is easier to digest. Also, it is extremely low in carbohydrates, which is good for diet. So, there are some reasons why is Greek yogurt better for you than American yogurts. Greek yogurt is good to use to substitute other dairy products such as mayonnaise, sour cream and milk. It can be an ideal choice as a desert, dip or condiment spread that can be flavored with seasoning or natural sweeteners. Even Greek yogurt can be replicated from American yogurt by using a dish-towel lined colander to strain the excess liquid from yogurt.

Not only good for health, Greek yogurt is good for skin. You can use it as a facial mask since it contains lactose, vitamin B, calcium and potassium, which are important healing properties for healthier skin. It is good to sooth sunburned skin while moisturizing your skin. Combine it with honey, oatmeal can beautify your skin’s texture.

You now know why Greek yogurt is better for you. It is good both for your health and your skin. So, you can include it as a healthier snack in between meals.

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